Who Is Team Bartowski’s Greatest Enemy?

25/04/2011 16:02

EW.com’s Spoiler Room has a little more intel on the “something terrible” coming our way in the final episodes of Chuck season 4 which has been generating so much angst and speculation:



I would like to see some more Community or Chuck spoilers. — Becca
Sure thing! Would you like spies with that? On the night before Chuck and Sarah’s rehearsal dinner, something terrible will happen to someone we love (an incredibly important member of Operation Bartowski), and it will force the team to confront their greatest enemy: the CIA. “Chuck’s team will find themselves facing a CIA agent who’s tougher than Bentley, Beckman, and Shaw combined,” executive producer Chris Fedak teases.

The agent in question is the Eraser mentioned previously, so that piece of the puzzle we know. We have a new clue about the timing of this event, though: the night before the rehearsal dinner. After four years, we have a pretty good bead on the pacing for this show, so expect this to happen in episode 4.23, “Chuck vs. the Last Details” with the aftermath carrying over into the finale, 4.24 “Chuck vs. the Cliffhanger”.


If I had to put money on it, I’d say Sarah is the one “something terrible” happens to, that something puts her in the hospital at the end of 4.23 and into 4.24, and that’s why she’s wearing a hospital gown in this set photo. Remember that scenes are shot out of sequence, meaning that filming of the hospital scenes at the end of the shooting week for 4.24 doesn’t mean those are the final scenes of the episode. Instead, I speculate that they’re toward the beginning and that Sarah is recovered enough by the end for the wedding to take place and some new cliffhanger to cause us to gasp and plead for a fifth season.



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