Ways To Support Chuck Season 5

06/05/2011 18:36

TGIF, people. It’s been a long week, after a long month, after a long semester. Add in the stress of waiting for NBC to make the announcement about whether we get a fifth season of Chuck, and it’s a miracle coherent sentences are still being produced over here. We still have 10 days before NBC makes that announcement (May 16th), but there are things you can do in the meantime to show the network Chuck fans are serious about supporting the series.

  1. Participate in the #NotANielsenFamily campaign. More details are here, but in brief: Tweet the advertisers you see while watching Chuck and thank them for their support. Use the #NotANielsenFamily tag and include @NBC in your Tweet.
  2. Take a photo of yourself with an advertiser’s product or at their store and send it to We Give A Chuck for inclusion in their gallery. Advertisers like to see tangible results from their ad dollars!
  3. Go to RewardTV.com on Tuesday and play their Chuck trivia game. The site is owned by Nielsen and the data they collect – including a viewer’s knowledge of the commercials and product placement in an episode – is used by the network and advertisers.
  4. Book your next ride to or from the airport on Super Shuttle using the CHUCK discount code and let that advertiser know that their product placement was money well spent.
  5. Vote for Chuck in the E! Online and TV Guide polls. They aren’t as effective as targeting the advertisers, but it can’t hurt.


Why aren’t we including online petitions on this list? Because they have zero impact on the network. Spend your valuable time on one or more of the items on that list which are proven to be effective instead! 


Participate In Maybe The Final Important Poll!