Another Agent X Clue

27/04/2011 17:21

Ausiello has another clue to Agent X’s identity in today’s Ask Ausiello column:

Question: Any clue as to who (or even what) Agent X is on Chuck? —Chris
 It’s someone we know. How can I be sure? ‘Cause exec producer Chris Fedak told me so! Fedak also revealed that the Season 4 finale (
airing May 16) is both “epic” and one of “the most expensive episodes.” The last scene also sets up a doozy of a fifth season. Now all we need is that pesky pickup from NBC!

On a sidenote, after watching the trailer for “Chuck vs. Agent X”, I emailed one of my sources at NBC to exclaim over it. Although they refused to give any clues about Agent X’s identity (coupled with an evil “mwahahaha”), the source revealed that this was a difficult episode to cut to promo because normally Ellie finding out would be the big deal, but that wasn’t even the biggest part of the episode. Once we see who’s behind that door, things just get crazier. Can’t wait!


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