Season Finale Boasts ‘Expensive’ Action Sequence

06/05/2011 18:21


TVLine has some Chuck season finale information for us this week, including how the season will wrap up but still leave a path to explore in a (potential) season 5 and just what is so expensive about the season finale.


Question: Since you are almost as big a fan of Chuck as I am, I need to know: What is your degree of confidence that the season finale can also serve as a satisfying series finale if NBC does the unthinkable and unforgivable? —Jeff
 To be honest, my confidence level was pretty low. But then I spoke to exec producer Chris Fedak and it shot through the freakin’ roof. Despite the finale being titled “Chuck vs. the Cliffhanger,” Fedak assured me that the episode features “some fantastic resolution to a number of the stories that we set up this season.” But as has become something of a Chuck tradition, the final scene features a “cliffhanger component that launches us very much into [a possible] Season 5,” Fedak adds. What would such a season look like? “There were a number of stories that we’ve always wanted to do – even from Season 1 – involving who Chuck is as a person and as a hero. So [Season 5] would be an extension of that.”

Question: In last week’s AA you mentioned that the Chuck season finale broke the bank, budget-wise. Care to elaborate? Do you know what was so expensive? —Jeremy
 The mother of all action sequences, according to Fedak. “It’s set in the desert and includes a super motorcycle, lots of special effects and a truck getting blown off the road,” he says. “It has an element of Duel, which is Steven Spielberg’s first movie. There’s also an element of Road Warrior… and an ode to the television show Street Hawk, which I watched as a kid.”

I’m starting to get a sense that the “cliffhanger” in “Chuck vs. the Cliffhanger” is indeed literal. How about you?


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