Possible Identities of Agent X

01/05/2011 11:22

Speculation on the identity of Agent X has kept us busy all week, thanks to a spoiler from Chris Fedak and a cramazing promo from NBC. We’ll find out who it is on Monday, but to get us through the weekend, I’ve rounded up my five favorite guesses.

  • Morgan: “I would think season 5 with Morgan as a super-spy would be very interesting. Morgan might actually be a dormant intersect since he was a kid and using the laptop activates it.” – Ken
  • Jeff: “It’s Jeff. 1) He’s a former missile command champion; 2) He’s always so dang close to the spy action – he drugged Casey’s assailant in vs. The Beard, he helped Casey out in vs. The A Team, he has good surveillance skills. That’s something you train for yo., he wrote “CIA” in a recent episode. HE KNOWS MAN. – 3) He’s a Nerd Herder. It’s either you’re really frakkin weird, or you’re special (like Chuck). Personally, I think it would be awesome. You’d have to look back at the entire 4 seasons and check where Jeff was.” – Emilky
  • Ellie: “Ellie would make sense and make it seem “epic”. It would complete the spy family.” – Tim
  • Mama B: “If it’s somebody we already know, and it has to be someone that wouldn’t shake up the foundation of the show e.g. (Morgan, Sarah, Ellie) so im going to go all in on Agent X being Mama B.” –Matthew
  • Beckman: “My money’s on Beckman.” – Liz

Some interesting arguments have been made for Agent X to be Anna Wu, Devon, Papa B, Bryce, Vivian or even Chuck himself. Only one more sleep until we find out, but in the meantime, vote for who you think Agent X is and post your speculation under:

-> chucktv.net/2011/04/29/friday-five-possible-identities-of-agent-x-spoilers/


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