Is a Chuck Death on the Horizon?

25/04/2011 15:59

Hot on the heels of the spoileriffic fan photo from yesterday comes scoop from on the final episodes of the season, including news of a possible death and maybe torture. Gee, that sounds fun.



Let’s not be any more cryptic than we have to: Chuck has a lot in store for the finale [sic] episodes of the season, and between the bachelor(/ette) parties gone wrong (CIA action!), last-minute wedding details (and missions), and possible tragedy (dun, dun, dun), I don’t even know where to begin….With the tragedy, you say? You got it. (How morbid you are…).

The terrible event takes place the night before Chuck and Sarah’s big rehearsal dinner and sadly involves “someone we love,” says a source. I know, your mind probably went exactly where mine did upon hearing this: Does this mean we’ll say goodbye to a member of Operation Bartowski? Sadly, it could mean just that. Chuck co-creator Chris Fedak said nothing to help quell my fears either.

“Death is definitely a possibility,” he said in an email. “Remember: we killed Stephen Bartowski in our penultimate episode last year…” Devestating. [sic]

In an unrelated but equally squirm-worthy tease, Fedak said all the bachelor party hijinks that have been teased are only part of the craziness that will occur. “We’ll say this… one of the partygoers (someone who isn’t a spy) may find himself being tortured by Ray’s men,” he said.

Note: “Ray” is referring to Ray Wise who plays Volkoff Industries lawyer Riley.


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