Chuck Fashion: Sarah’s Morgan-Sized Coat, Morgan & Lester’s Shoe Style

10/05/2011 19:54

We took a break from the Chuck fashion column last week because, well, it completely slipped my mind! It’s that time of year, y’all. Let’s get back to answering your questions about where to find the clothes worn on the show. Chuck costume designer Robin Lewis-West has the scoop!

Sarah gives Morgan her coat in

Sarah gives Morgan the coat off her back.

Danielle was curious about the “cute coat” Sarah gives Morgan during the covert operation in “Chuck vs. the Push Mix.” You know, after Morgan’s yoga moves get them through security but he loses his wetsuit in the process? The black trench coat Sarah gives him is by Rachel Roy, says Robin. Specifically, it was the brand’s Quilted Military Coat from the Winter 2010-2011 collection. No longer available at retail outlets, eBay and consignment stores ought to yield results.

Morgan's custom green shoes

Nice shoes!

Angie was taken by Morgan’s awesome green sneakers in “Chuck vs. Phase Three”, correctly noticing that they’re the same ones on display in his office during “Chuck vs. the Leftovers”. Robin revealed that they arecustom-designed Nike ID shoes. Yes, Morgan is totally the guy who would design sneakers to go with his snazzy new managerial job.


Lester's shoes in

Lester's got style.

Speaking of shoes, David somehow got a good enough look at Lester’s stylish pair in “Chuck vs. the Masquerade” and “Chuck vs. the Muuurder” to want more information. Seriously, how do you all spot some of these pieces? This is the best screenshot I could find, from either episode. Well, eagle-eyed David, Robin is happy to inform you that they’re from Nunn Bush’s NXXT line of men’s shoes, available all over.

That’s it for this week! If you have a burning fashion question, feel free to drop us a line and we’ll do our best to find the answer for you.



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