Chuck Fashion: Sarah’s Bikini, Chuck’s Faux Paws, English Shops

17/05/2011 17:25

Happy Chuck season finale day! We have a big episode coming our way tonight, and I know you’ll have some wedding-related queries so we’re already working on getting those answered. Programming note: We’ve been building up a catalog of questions & answers to get us through the summer hiatus, since production has wrapped and Robin Lewis-West will be spending her summer elsewhere. So while we should be able to continue this feature through the summer, we’re rationing the Q&A and might not get to your question for a while.

With summer just around the corner, let’s answer Morgan’s question about where to find Sarah’s white bikini from “Chuck vs. the Pink Slip”. That iconic scene of Sarah coming up out of the water was used extensively when promoting the return of Chuck in January 2010, and with good reason! Robin found the bikini at Victoria’s Secret, then reworked with the gold link to bling it out.

Karen was curious about the Faux-Paw shirt Chuck wore during his drinking binge in “Chuck vs. the Other Guy”. Robin snagged the limited-edition design from Busted Tees back in 2009, which means it’s no longer available on the website. However, an enterprising soul has created a similar design for sale through Amazon/Cafe Press.

Less item-specific is this question from Chelsea, who wondered if any of the wardrobe on Chuck comes from Top Shop, Top Man, Miss Selfridge, or Warehouse. These are all stores found in England and Robin is located in Southern California, so the answer to that is no.