Analyzing the Chuck Season Finale Promo

14/05/2011 10:49

 Chuck fans are thorough! Over in the forum, Aces put together speculation based on the promo for “Chuck vs. the Cliffhanger”, then Nick_Scryer added screencaps to illustrate that speculation. Ready to analyze?  

Wedding scene. Probably a dream sequence for Chuck because Morgan is presiding rather than Best Man and Sarah’s wedding dress is different than the one she picked out in Bank of Evil. I suppose Sarah could be hallucinating but I’d expect her hallucination to include the dress she picked out… so I’m going with Chuck dreaming this. Betting this is the opening of the episode.
Sarah in medical distress. Nothing new here. Looks feverish and is in ice to keep her temperature down.
Sarah in medical distress. Nothing new here. Looks feverish and is in ice to keep her temperature down.
Chuck and Casey wearing prison guard uniforms. Likely breaking into the detention facility that’s holding Alexi Volkoff.
Beckman warning Chuck if he goes rogue, he’s going against the CIA. Not sure why but probably related to the Agent X cover up.
Chuck and Hartley Winterbottom walking through the main lobby of the headquarters for Volkoff Industries. Same lobby visited by Michael and Charles Carmichael in Anniversary.
The conclusion of Casey’s fight with The Eraser in Castle.
A scene from Street Hawk. How did that get in there?
Chuck with Casey asking Hartley Winterbottom to help save Sarah.
Volkoff resisting Chuck’s attempts to put de-intersecting glasses on him while in his cell at the detention facility.
Standoff outside a building. Casey can be seen pointing a gun at someone. Is that Morgan and Mary on the left pointing guns at Casey? Paratroopers landing. I’m going to venture a guess that Chuck is the one Casey is targeting at and that the standoff is with the CIA trying to stop Chuck’s rogue mission. Casey likely just covering the fact he’s helping Chuck. If not Chuck, maybe the Eraser in which case Morgan and Mary don’t make sense. Could be just a run-of-the-mill bearded henchman. Pure WAG here. This scene has me stumped.
Casey likely fighting The Eraser in Castle.
Before the tasers, Chuck returning to the hospital with whatever he acquired to save Sarah—post rogue mission.
After the tasers, Volkoff wearing de-intersecting glasses in his cell at the detention facility. They make him a new man.
Chuck and Sarah’s right shoulder following the real wedding driving off in the Lotus with “Just Married” plastered on the rear window. Thinking not a dream sequence because of “Oh, boy.” Thinking, “Oh, Boy” is a reaction to the twist being revealed to Chuck. Or maybe Sarah is driving off a cliff but I’m pretty sure the Lotus has a Navigation Radio (or spy gadget of the week) with a large LCD screen. Perhaps that’s the source of the twist. Chuck’s viewing angle appears to be toward the dash not out the window.


The shot of the standoff seems ripe for analysis. As Aces noted, it’s difficult to tell what’s going on there what with Team B seemingly pointing guns at each other. I lightened up the screencap and was able to see more details. The two people facing each other are Chuck (facing us, wearing olive fatigues) and Alexei Volkoff (back to us, wearing a dark suit). Behind Chuck is Vivian Volkoff, aiming at him. Mama B and Morgan (Morgan gets a gun???) are not aiming at Casey but at someone on Casey’s left, either blocked by the henchman in the foreground or off-screen. Several commenters below suggest that this woman is either Karina or Zondra; that would make sense. She appears to have her torso turned toward whoever Mama B and Morgan are aiming at. I have two questions here: 1. Why isn’t anyone aiming at Vivian? 2. So why is Chuck negotiating with Volkoff/Winterbottom surrounded by guns and paratroopers? Shouldn’t they be on the same team now?

I still think Chuck’s “Oh boy” in the final scene is an Orion reference, and agree that he’s looking at a screen somewhere in the car when he says it.


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