She Said: Chuck 4.22 Chuck vs Agent X

06/05/2011 18:15
Chucksters, Once again as the season winds down, the stakes are raised and we get more answers to the questions that we’ve had all season. Those of you who follow my reviews and read my Burning Questions Friday Five a while back will remember that I was pretty sure that Vivian Volkoff wasn’t really...

Ratings News: 4.22 "Chuck vs. Agent X"

03/05/2011 19:02
Agent X is who??!! What a spectacular episode of Chuck last night! I’m still giddy this morning, and theratings news adds to my silliness. Chuck vs. Agent X was up 8% from two weeks ago, showing 1.4 in the adults 18 – 49 demo. That 8% seems to be the magic number of the...

Save Chuck: There's A Voting On TV Guide

27/04/2011 19:05
VOTE FOR CHUCK: Zachary Levi, Elizabeth Mitchell, Peter Krause    This time of year can be brutal for TV fans. In the next few weeks, a number of shows will be canceled to make room for the bright and shiny new series...

Chuck Fashion: Sarah’s Lingerie

26/04/2011 19:15
In honor of tonight’s rerun of “Chuck vs. the Honeymooners”, and because we’ve had several requests for brand information, this week’s Chuck fashion column is all about lingerie. Fortunately, Sarah is the character who wears these costumes the most, so I don’t have to subject you to,...

Chuck Fan Goes to Dinner with JEFFSTER!

25/04/2011 14:44
From left: Scott Krinsky, Juliann Johnson and her mother Nancy Johnson, Vik Sahay     Chuck fan Nancy Johnson and her daughter Juliann won a fan dinner with Chuck stars Vik Sahay and Scott Krinsky at a charitybuzz.comauction benefitting,...

Chuck PSA’s

25/04/2011 14:36
 In honor of Earth Day, I thought it would be fun to look at a collection of environmentally conscious PSAs (Public Service Announcements) from the cast of Chuck. The more you know!         Reminder: Participate In Maybe The Final Important Poll! Gives "We Give A Chuck Twitter Campaign" a Shoutout

22/04/2011 09:32
Were you part of Monday’s #NotANielsenFamily Twitter campaign, spearheaded by We Give a Chuck? The idea was to send Tweets to companies who advertised on Chuck during the hour, whether via product placement (Super Shuttle) or traditional commercial (Diet Pepsi, Stouffer’s). The...

Zachary Levi: "Chuck finale is open"

22/04/2011 08:51
Zachary Levi has described the season finale of Chuck as "open". Levi, who recently admitted that he does not know whether the show will be renewed, explained that the last episode will provide some "closure" in case the series does not come back. "It ends in the...

She Said: Episode 4.21 "Chuck vs the Wedding Planner"

21/04/2011 18:31
It all started out with the first of many flashbacks to Idaho in 1988, where young Sarah is living with her grandmother (not sure which one) and spending time with her dad, giving Girl Scouts everywhere a bad name. As the episode progressed and we got more details about what young Sarah’s life was...

Did Chuck Give Emmy 4 Yvonne a Shoutout Last Monday Night?

20/04/2011 20:07
 Eagle-eyed Chuck fan Cabin 50B noticed something pretty cool during the scene when Team Walkerburtowski are setting up for the wedding reception in “Chuck vs. the Wedding Planner”: That’s Morgan carrying off some bat mitzvah candles that spell “Tammy”, but obscuring...
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