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With this homepage, we try to bring together all Chuck fans worldwide and become one team.

Now, Chuck fans from around the world are randomly distributed in more then thousand fanclubs and numerous fanpages. We are trying to build one team, a team with all the die hard Chuck fans who are willing to do their utmost to SAVE TEAM BARTOWSKI! 

With this we are also bringing the facts on the table. We are going to present the result of the poll to the producers, cast, advertisers, newspapers and NBC. We want to proof to them that there is a worldwide loyal support for this show. 

We know that Together Each Achieve More.  We have won a battle, but certainly not the war. 

We implore you to keep on fighting together for a 6th, 10th, and 15th season. To be honest, we want more Chuck, more humor, awesome storylines, fantastic fighthing scenes, Chuck's friendship, Chuck's loyalty, Chuck romance and the breath taking music. 

Unite and show your friendship, loyalty and love for this show.

This is the platform where Chuck fans from around the world can unite and become one team. We think, believe and know, that it will have more impact when there is one loud Chuck voice, instead of thousand small fan groups and numerous fanpages. Keep the thousand fan groups, keep the numerous fanpages, but at the same time...unite! 

Unite, become a team and help us to give you more Chuck.



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Thank you, 

Simon & Richard 

P.S.: One small favor...... support your fanclub, support your fanpage, unite and please spread the word.



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  • 51 days after releasing the "Season Poll" there are 3'220 yes absolutely ! votes in
  • 25 days after realeasing the "Episode Poll" there are 993 shure yes ! votes in

  • 4.53 Mio. viewers watched episode 4.24 "Chuck vs. the Cliffhanger"
  • Pictures of episode 4.24:
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Date: 05/03/2012

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Date: 14/02/2012

By: Heath

Subject: More chuck

I have been hooked on chuck since the pilot. Seems chuck has been give the short end of the stick since season one. The writers strike, Stiff competition, bubble status. Perhaps NBC execs simply don't like the show. It was never placed on a night that was "easy" 3 million viewers on a Friday night isn't bad numbers. Some cable shows stay on with less. My hope is that a cable channel or other network sees the $$ in chuck and picks it up for more seasons.

Date: 31/01/2012

By: The Real BBC (Bring Back Chuck)

Subject: Re: SEASON 6! ...7,8,9...... please

Never in my long life 18320 days old gulp.. Have i ever watched every single episode of a program before ... i have now watched "Chuck" every ep at least twice if not more ..

Some say all the ends are tied up but actually they aren’t and i for one want Chuck back Come on NBC get a grip will you if you wont go for a complete season (and you should because this is the best series ever ) you should do a movie to end it off nicely.. Charles has the new improved intersect loaded in his head use it don’t lose it.

Im not a script writer (couldn't be cant spell to save my life) but i can see several plot lines that have been left open and i sure Because NBC said this is the last season Chris Fedak & Josh Schwartz tried to wrap as much up as possible and they have done a fantastic job as they have throughout. Likewise the entire cast and crew.

Let’s face it never before has a Nerd been Kewl but lets face it these guys pulled it off. Let’s face it even the Toyota Yaris (original Herder became cool in that livery)

Lets face it who didn't want to go for lunch at Orange Orange or the Wienerlicious and a special Thank you kindly to "Subway" i feel should be added here. Please guy's if you can let’s do it again.

The team's been offered jobs back at the NSA, Buymore is now a Subway and Jeff & Lester now know the truth lets face it with those three things alone i can visualise several ep's and Subway could sell a Ft long Chuck Steak Sub and if there creative how’s about with a special Sarah Walker dressing (and for those on a diet) a Sarah Walker un-dressing dressing maybe :)

Ok better stop now before someone hangs themselves if anyone read this far lol

Date: 21/01/2012

By: Jarrod

Subject: Keep Chuck going!

I'm from Australia, first thing I do on a Saturday morning is watch CHUCK after it airs over in America. I've bought the first four seasons even though I don't have to, this isn't just some other TV series. This has been an epic adventure and I think CHUCK has been cut short, continue the great series! You won't lose money or fans!!

Date: 16/01/2012

By: sarah

Subject: chuck season 6

please please e want chuck season 6 its an amazing shooooooow..sarah and chuck are adorable

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Do you want more than only a 5th seasons of "Chuck"?

Yes, absolutely! (4,147)

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Total votes: 4163


Do you want more than only 13 episodes in season 5?

Shure yes! (1,803)

No, not necessary! (12)

Total votes: 1815


Great news ! Chuck - DVR Ratings - Increases viewers by 20%

16/06/2011 22:05
https://bit.ly/jIOWSj  The DVR ratings for the Fall 2010-11 season have been released and you can see how Chuck did via the link. Chuck averaged 5.171 Million live viewers per episode and had an average of 1.029 Million playback’s on DVR within 7 days after each episode aired, which increased...
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Analyzing the Chuck Season Finale Promo

14/05/2011 10:49
 Chuck fans are thorough! Over in the forum, Aces put together speculation based on the promo for “Chuck vs. the Cliffhanger”, then Nick_Scryer added screencaps to illustrate that speculation. Ready to analyze?   Wedding scene. Probably a dream sequence for Chuck because Morgan...
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Episode 4.24 "Chuck vs. the Cliffhanger"

16/05/2011 20:00
OPERATION BARTOWSKI RACES TO TAKE DOWN VIVIAN VOLKOFF AS SHE THREATENS CHUCK AND SARAH’S WEDDING Before he can kiss the bride, Chuck must enlist his wedding party to take down Vivian Volkoff and stop her from destroying the big day. When he turns to Alexei Volkoff for help, the CIA sends its...
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